Fine home building.

RJ Dailey Construction has been building elegant homes in the Bay Area since 1976. Over the last 40 years, we’ve built an array of meticulously detailed homes, ranging from contemporary to traditional, always demanding the highest quality workmanship from craftspeople, suppliers and subcontractors.

Our success is based on the complete satisfaction of our clients both during the construction process and at the completion of each residence.

Customer satisfaction typically equates to the finest quality finished project at the most competitive pricing available. Our business is modeled around these two principles.

Our clients are our advertising; 100% of our new business is by referral. Many clients have returned to RJ Dailey Construction to build second and even third projects.

Budget Goals:
Bob Dailey, founder, and president of RJ Dailey Construction, works personally with the client throughout the design-development phases, including pricing and value-engineering. All competitive pricing is meticulously documented and detailed, affording the client a full understanding of each component and enabling the client, architect and RJ Dailey to value- engineer every component to achieve budgeting targets. Whatever the budget criteria, Bob works diligently with both client and design team to achieve the client's goals.
Competitive Bidding a Key to Our Success:
40 years of building custom homes on the San Francisco mid-peninsula has enabled us to build working relationships with a variety of the top-tier subcontractors and vendors doing business in our area. Because of our successful relationships with the area's best qualified millwork shops, electricians, plumbers, masons, etc., we are able to provide each project with multiple competitive bids for each trade, guaranteeing the best pricing for our clients.
Our Team:
Each project is assigned a full time Project Superintendent, responsible for day-to-day operations. Our experienced Project Superintendents focus on every detail of the project and are dedicated to both the financial and aesthetic success of your project. Our professional office staff supports the project Superintendent in tracking costs and ensuring costs are in line with budgets, monitoring on-time material deliveries and administering subcontracts. More than half of RJ Dailey Construction employees have been with the company over 10 years, and a third have been with the company 20 or more years.
Cost Accounting / Fiscal Responsibility:
RJ Dailey Construction has developed one of the most detailed cost-accounting and records systems in the custom home building industry. Finely tuned by 40 years of experience and input from architects and clients, our monthly progress billings divide every expenditure into one of 90+ categories and simultaneously track each category of the budget. We continuously identify each expenditure to date, percentage of the work completed, portions of the budget to date not spent and percentage of the work to be completed for each item.