“RJ Dailey did an excellent job building our home on time and under budget and we highly recommend him. Our project was complex, large and built on an extremely tight time frame and with specific budget in mind. Our home is a little over 28,000 square feet, with a number of features (rock wall, bowling alley) outside a typical sub-contractor list. RJ pulled out all the stops to finish the project on time and under budget.

Building a house like this could have been a nightmare, but it was anything but. The home is incredibly complex with a 150,000-gallon swimming pool, water slides, and a bowling alley. R.J. is a firm believer in modeling. Our favorite room and where we spend most of our time is the kitchen. R.J. had him team build mock-ups of counters and appliances and let us move them around in the space to understand the flow. Taking that extra step ensured that the space truly worked and that was invaluable to us. But Most importantly, he kept us appraised of budget throughout the process. When it was done, it was not only on time, but under budget.”

Jim Ellis, Stanford Graduate School of Business

KA Real Estate
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